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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Pagan Arts- Guest Blogs!

Greetings, readers! You'll be thrilled to know that I am working with Alane Brown, of The Pagan Arts, to further explore different aspects of spirituality and creative soul-work. To that end, I am contributing regular articles to her website. Please visit The Pagan Arts online at:

This site is a wonderful resource for Pagan spirituality, music, magick, art, and more. Much love to Alane for starting this amazing website, and giving me this opportunity to share my work with her readers!

The Hitchhiker: An Unlikely Love Story- New Page!

I recently created a new page just for my novel, "The Hitchhiker: An Unlikely Love Story." It will appear there in a new format- one document, rather than a series of posts- I anticipate that readers will enjoy it more than ever. The entire manuscript will eventually appear here in full; I've gotten a great start already, and added some new material- only available on the "Hitchhiker" page- to entice readers to check it out!

Jumping Fences

What holds you back from reaching for your dreams? What stops you, trips you up? What is fencing in your creative work, trapping it within a too-tiny space?
Take a closer look at this fence. It's old and rickety- it could fall down any second. All it needs is one swift kick! Jump the fences, or knock them down- don't let anything keep you from achieving your highest potential.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Desert Medicine...
As I prepare for a retreat in the desert with my sisters, I reflect on the healing energy of the desert, which simply is and so simply gives you the space to be, just as you are, imperfect, ready or not, in this moment.
If I could give you one thing to take away with you today, it would be the peace of sitting around a campfire with a family of friends, singing at the moon and watching the sparks spiral up into the night sky. If you could write from this present, open-hearted state, how would it change your work?
Go to the desert and pray; write; dance with the coyotes and fly with the raven.