Original Stories, Photographs and Artwork by Molly Anderson-Childers

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Fellow Art Lovers! Hope you can join me at the Ferocious Feelings show on the 24th. Looks like it will be a great event- and a lot of fun! I will be displaying four of my creative journals; each is a unique work of art, and a perfect container for YOUR ferocious feelings! I start with a blank journal or sketchbook and collage the front and back covers; then add writing prompts, inspirational quotes, or whatever else strikes my fancy. Come check it out!
The most exciting aspect of the show for me is that I will be doing live writing in front of a crowd, and may have a chance to read my work as well. I'll unleash my own ferocious inner writer, and supply an adoring public with red-hot writing on the spot, in the best improv tradition. See you there!!!
Lushly, Juicily Yours,
Molly Childers

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