Original Stories, Photographs and Artwork by Molly Anderson-Childers

Monday, August 31, 2009

Creativity- Blossom and Bloom!

Hollyhock Bud
Photograph by Charles Childers
This time of year is rich with wildflowers and rain. I plucked this hollyhock bud from a bush taller than I am, at nearby Haviland Lake. I wanted to share this picture with you today to remind you that all creative projects start as a seed; my new story, "A Phone Call," which you'll soon be seeing here, is a bud not yet unfurled. I have planted the seed; the idea is growing, but I haven't yet committed it to paper.
Given sunshine and love and plenty of water, the dream-seeds you plant today will thrive in their own time. Take the time to nurture one of your budding projects with a little sun, fresh water, or whatever it needs to grow. Let the light of your inspiration shine down! Let the Fount of the Muses flow freely over all the flowers in your creative garden! Dance barefoot in the mud and feel it squish between your toes! Sow your dream-seeds wherever you find fertile ground.

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