Original Stories, Photographs and Artwork by Molly Anderson-Childers

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Joys of Imperfection: Come As You Are!

Who Can Define Beauty? What Is The Essence of Perfection?
The above picture, in technical terms, is closer to "perfection," closer to our traditional ideals of beauty...the wildflower is in focus, and centered perfectly within the frame...but I prefer the second snapshot, featured below.
While I was trying to take a picture of this flower, it nodded and swayed gently in the wind. The resulting photograph is slightly blurred, imperfect...and infinitely more alive and engaging.

Today I want to write about starting imperfectly- simply showing up, and coming to the page or the canvas as you are. I have realized that you can't wait for the perfect time to begin a writing project, to have a baby, to change jobs, to leave the man who's done you wrong. There is no perfect time, and you'll just get older waiting for it.

Is there something you've been putting off until the time is right? Have you decided that you can't start that novel you've been wanting to write until you wash the dishes, pay a few bills, clean the house, change your life? What if I told you that right now is the right time? In any case, it's the only time we really have. The past is gone; the future is out of our reach. I don't care if you've got three weeks' worth of laundry piled up in a heap in front of your door. For one moment, for one day, drop everything and just show up on the page. Give your creative work your first priority, and your most urgent and focused attention.

For a long time- too long- I waited for "the right time" to start this blog to share my fiction with the world, and create a unique resource for other writers. One day, I realized the right time wasn't just going to show up and announce itself with trumpets blaring... I had to meet the muses halfway and show up, ready to work, with knots in my hair and paint on my hands; imperfect and willing to risk further mistakes, errors, and imperfections for the simple joy of getting started.

The second photo- one of my favorites- is an illustration of my point. What is not perfect is often beautiful- not in spite of its innate imperfections, but because of them. It may be out of focus, and a little blurry around the edges, but its movement, color and unexpected luminous beauty can still take my breath away.

Don't wait another day to dust off those dreams half-forgotten, the songs never sung. Pick up the pen, and begin, right now, just as you are, joyous mistakes, bloopers, imperfections and all!

Imperfectly Yours,



  1. I am inspired! I have been working on an idea for a series blog, but I think you just gave me the next small step towards my goal.. thank you!

    Oh, and I am always looking for inspiration, so if you keep posting great pics, I'll bookmark your blog in my 'inspiration' tab,.. lol, big accomplishment, right? I love the chaning fall leaves, so I'll be writing soon.. on about it.

    Then I'll get to work on my own blog..


    here's my little story, on :) I just threw it down on paper, er, screen... lol.